Sandcastle Homeowner's Association Rules and Regulations

1.     Vehicles may be parked only in the parking space provided for that purpose at your unit.  The parking of cars is not to exceed         the  driveway area associated with each unit.  No vehicles may be driven off the paved area. Maintenance other than washing         and waxing is prohibited.   No Parking by the dumpsters.

2.     Parking of  recreational vehicles (motor  homes and pull campers) is not allowed.  Parking of  boats is allowed under your 
        unit.  Commercial vehicles may be parked in the driveway of the unit while maintenance is being performed.

3.      No radio or TV antennas or any wiring for any purposes may be installed on the exterior  of the  building without  the written         consent of Sandcastle HOA. Owners/Tenants are prohibited  from  making any alterations  to exterior  of units without  the             written  consent of Sandcastle HOA.

4.     Speed limit  within  the complex is 5 miles per hour.

5.     The balconies shall be used only for the purposes intended and shall not be used for  hanging garments, towels or other                  objects on the railings.

6.     Sandcastle HOA must approve any physical changes to the common area.

7.      Owners/Tenant shall be permitted  to  keep a pet within their unit  and only within  their  unit.   No pet will  be left unattended         on the  balcony or chained outside the  unit.   Owner/Tenant are to  be responsible for  pest control  costs relating to their               pet, to include the cost to eliminate  pest caused by their  pet on the common area or in nearby units. Pets must be on                       leashes while the pet is out doors.  Owner/Tenant are responsible for IMMEDIATE CLEANUP after their pet  and will be                     expected to be prepared to  do so any time the owner/Tenant and pet are outside.

8.     Quiet hours are from  10:00 PM until 8:00 AM. No one may make or permit any disturbing  noises during quiet hours.

9.     The dock is for everyone's  use and enjoyment.    If you place a crab trap  at the dock please tend to your trap  only.
         Fireworks may not be fired from the dock or from within the complex due to the fire hazard. In consideration of others,                   anyone who uses the  dock should not leave any of their garbage or trash for someone else to clean up.
10.   Owners are responsible for their family members as well as their tenants and their guest, if they are leasing their  unit.
        Everyone must obey the rules and regulations or they will be asked to  leave the complex.

11.  Garbage and trash must always be in plastic bags that  are tied and must be placed in the dumpsters that are located up front        on the East and West side of the complex.

12.   No signs, posters, etc. shall be displayed in windows.


     a.     The pool hours are from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM.
     b.     Residents swim at their own risk, Sandcastle does not employ a lifeguard.

     c.     No diving into the pool.
     d.     Please shower before entering the pool.
     e.     No eating in the pool area.
     f.      No glass containers in the pool area.
     g.     When leaving the  pool area please remove floats, toys and towels, etc.

     h.     No excessively loud noises or  music in the pool area.
     i.      Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 years. An adult will be allowed
             to supervise no more than 3 children.
      j.     Swim suits must be worn when in the pool.

     k.     If you must smoke please use the ash containers in the pool area.
      I.     The pool is restricted to residents and their guest.  Residents are responsible for their guest.

     n.     Persons will  be asked to  leave pool area if they cannot conform to the rules of the pool.
     o.     Babies must wear Swimmy Diapers in the pool and dirty diapers must be removed from the pool area-Do not put diapers                 in the trash receptacle.

The Florida HomeownersAssociationAct allows for the useof fines as an enforcement tool.  The Associationmay levy reasonable fines against an owner for any infraction  made by the owner or his tenant or guest.